Custom Cuts

Have a special piece of art you'd like to memorialize in puzzle form? I'm here to help!

Contact Us for a free consultation where we will discuss desired artwork, piece count/size, cut style, figurals/drop outs/other tricks of the trade, and budget.

Once design specs are agreed upon a high quality print of the selected art work will be dry mounted to premium 6mm 5-ply Baltic Birch plywood, protected with a thin matte laminate, and hand cut by the founder of Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles.

The completed puzzle will be carefully inspected, signed/dated, and packaged in a premium quality rigid two piece box and sent on to its new home. Respecting the tradition of classic hand cut puzzles, we do not include a solution image with our puzzles, instead opting to brand our boxes with a simple logo and a label listing puzzle details.

While we reserve the right to decline commissions based on perceived legal or aesthetic reasons, as an artist and artisan I am committed to making most proposals work!

To start the process: send an email to or through the Contact Us tab. Final product lead times vary anywhere from several weeks to several months depending on shop workflow, backlog, and acts of god, so don't delay!

Custom rates start at $1.25 per piece, scaling with the complexity of the final design.