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Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles



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"Belochka," or Little Squirrel, was produced using a deconstructed Russian candy box of the same name. This puzzle was cut using a squirrel tessellation pattern, making it an interesting hybrid of interlocking (tail to tail connections have good interlock) and push fit (head to foot connections while slightly interlocking, do not have robust connections). This is definitely not a work that would pass the puzzle pick up challenge!

The completed puzzle fits within a 14  x 7 inch rectangle and is comprised of 285 little squirrels. The puzzle image is protected by neither a laminate nor spray coating but is printed on high gloss stock. Portions of the image feature slight embossing.

Given the nature of the paper used in this candy box, there is slight noticeable wrinkling in portions of the puzzle. The work has been priced accordingly. Note that the slight vertical distortion in the center of the puzzle image is an artifact of scanning this puzzle in two passes.

As a limited edition of 1/1, this image will never be recycled by the workshops of Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles.

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