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Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles

Double Dragons

Double Dragons

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These hand cut acrylic jigsaw puzzles were produced in observation of Year of the Dragon 2024 in collaboration with line artist Tyler Foust based on his original single line drawing.

In contrast to our typical wooden puzzles, this puzzle was stack cut from two sheets of 3mm acrylic (transparent emerald and opaque black) and was thus produced in a limited edition of two complementary colorations: black dragon on green field and green dragon on black field. The initial cut (delineating green from black and consuming several hours work) was made following a pattern of Tyler's design. All subsequent cuts were made freehand and improvisationally. Given their thinness, most pieces are joined by simple, small-knobbed interlocks. The field upon which the dragon sits was cut in a more expressionistic swirl curl style, reminiscent of fire. This field also contains a multi-part dragon figural.

Please note these puzzles contain two small imperfections in the forms of small ~1/16 inch nicks (see detail pictures). Given the strength of acrylic this does not significantly affect the structural integrity of that piece but we are offering this puzzle at $300 discount.

While both variants are being initially offered for sale, once one has sold the remaining puzzle will be placed in storage and not be offered for sale until the lead up to Year of the Dragon 2036.

The completed puzzle extends slightly beyond a 19 inch diameter circle and is comprised of 685 pieces. Given both the double sided nature and the small interlocks of the spindly pieces, this is an extremely difficult puzzle and it is only recommended for advanced level puzzlers. While I typically abstain from assigning my puzzles difficulty ratings I would give this one a 10/10.

This puzzle is being  offered as a limited edition of 2: one puzzle to be sold in 2024 and the other to be sold in 2036. This pattern will never be recycled by the workshops of Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles.

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