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Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles

Id Familiar

Id Familiar

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"Id Familiar" was produced in observation of Human Rights Day 2023 in collaboration with artist Loren Christofferson and is a combination of largely push-fit pieces nested within a frame of tightly interlocking pieces.

The 43 interior push fit pieces were cut following a preliminary sketch by Loren. The frame was then subsequently divided into 180 pieces freehand cut in a highly expressionistic style. Push fit pieces were either kept natural or stained one of three different shades and finished with a gloss sealant. Interlocking frame pieces were painted one of four different shades of dark, splatter accented in a spectrum of grays, and finished with a matte sealant.

The completed puzzle measures 11-1/2 x 18 inches and is comprised of 203 pieces.

As a limited edition of 1/1, this design will never be recycled by the workshops of Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles.

One third of sales proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.

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