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Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles

Seven Lines

Seven Lines

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"Seven Lines" is an abstract composition produced by stacking cutting a piece of 6mm translucent blue acrylic and 6mm translucent pink acrylic. As this piece was grid cut (albeit in a highly baroque style), pieces of the same color only touch at the corners when fully assembled. This puzzle was cut with a scalloped edge to make edge pieces a bit less obvious.

The completed puzzle measures roughly 3-3/4x2-3/4 inches is comprised of 20 pieces.

Please note that while a puzzle stack cut from two layers typically yields two puzzles of complementary coloration, I've chosen to destroy the second puzzle. As such "Seven Lines" is a truly limited edition of 1/1, this design will never be recycled by the workshops of Turning Taxis Plywood Puzzles.

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